AzureFilm PLA Filament, 1.75 mm, 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs), Pine

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Producer: #AzureFilm

Color: Other

AzureFilm Wood, if you’re looking for something special then have a look at our wood filament. Your prints will look absolutely amazing it looks like real wood, smells like real wood and can be used to make items that need a wooden finish! AzureFilm Wood comes in reels of 0,75Kg. For good print results you need to print with temperature: 220 – 240°C.

Material Properties
Printing Properties
  1. good flexibility,
  2. heated bed not required,
  3. high quality wood texture,
  4. low shrinkage during printing and good toughnes,
  5. it can be melted and extruded just like any other 3D printer filament
  6. printed objects can be painted,cut like wood,grinded or sanded
  7. environmentally friendly,
  8. very little warp,
  9. stick very well on the print bed,
  10. excellent flow properties,
  11. not acceptable for direct food contact,
  12. should be stored in a cool and dry place,

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