3Dprintmaterials.guru Simplifies the Process of 3D Printing Filament Selection

3Dprintmaterials.guru Simplifies the Process of 3D Printing Filament Selection

3Dprintmaterials.guru is proud to announce themselves as the world’s first web-based platform for 3D printing filaments that not only sells, but helps improve all 3D printing materials across the board.

The online marketplace gathers the opinions of 3D printing professionals and filament testers, who utilize scientifically accurate filament testing methods in order to determine which 3D printing materials are the most trustworthy and of the highest quality. 3D printer users often spend hours of valuable time and material resources trying to find the ideal filament for their 3D printing endeavors, which generally turns out to be a trying process at the very least. 3Dprintmaterials.guru is designed to simplify this difficult process by offering 3D printing users access to expert ratings from a variety professionals and filament testers throughout the 3D printing industry. Users will be able to browse through reviews for both new and existing 3D printing filaments, ensuring that the optimal 3D printing materials are found and able to be purchased.   

3Dprintmaterials.guru isn’t just a useful resource for 3D printer consumers either, it also offers key advantages to 3D printing filament producers as well. 3Dprintmaterials.guru offers filament producers a viable solution for the issue of testing materials on various 3D printing systems by conducting professional-grade and inexpensive crowdsourced tests, helping producers avoid the oftentimes expensive process of testing their materials themselves. By allowing an expert network to test these filaments out prior to their public release, 3D printing filament producers are able to improve upon their product before any potential issue reaches the consumer and distributer markets. 3Dprintmaterials.guru is an easy-to-use 3D printing material online marketplace that assists both the buyer and seller in discovering the highest quality filaments for their particular needs.

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