Call for 3d filament testers

Call for 3d filament testers is revolutionalizing the way how information about 3D print materials is presented by introducing a novel approach and providing detailed user experience information. There are around 500 thousand consumer class 3D printers worldwide that make millions of prints yearly; however, the huge amount of information about things like optimal printer settings, material properties and quality that these prints generate is not aggregated and made use of to further improve the 3D printing experience is a crowd-based know-how platform about 3D print materials that will change that.

The platform offers an opportunity for 3D printer users to improve their purchases by providing detailed information about 3D print materials and option to buy them at one place. It is a new type of marketplace because instead of just providing the manufacturer specifications of materials, platform’s users can explore and choose filaments by comparing their test results which is valuable user experience information. The great part is that the test results are created by the community itself because platform’s users can apply to become testers and according to developed methodology review of 3d filaments. Platform’s users get the opportunity to test various materials, share their experience with entire 3D printing community and by doing so they receive platform's loyalty points (called Filameters) that later on can be exchanged for actual filament spools.

In order to make the testing process standartized the team of in cooperation with industry experts have developed a testing survey called Crowd 3 d filaments Review and Rating Standard that evaluates filaments in several categories such as ease of print, warping, quality of parts surface, walls and bridges. In order for tests to be objective all testers print the same 3D model. For this purpose has established cooperation with #3DBenchy to use their 3D model as the testing benchmark. #3DBenchy is a well-recognized benchmark model in the 3D printing industry and perfectly fits the testing concept. has announced Call for 3d filament testers campaign that aims to invite all 3D printing enthusiasts to join the platform and seize the opportunities and benefits provided by becoming platform’s tester. Moreover, team has identified and personally adressed over 100 experienced 3D printing professionals that will form the foundation of tester community.

Become a tester and join the community that will change the 3D print material world!

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