Crowd 3d Filament Review and Rating Standard developed

Crowd 3d Filament Review and Rating Standard developed

When it comes to finding the best 3D printing material for you printer, has created a solution with the Crowd Review and Rating Standard (CRRS), a form that focuses on three main characteristics of 3D print materials.

The first part of the CRRS deals with the technical parameters of the user’s 3D printer in regard to the selected material, offering information on set printing resolution, speed capabilities, achievable temperatures, platform adhesion type, and surface area. The second focus is a visual evaluation on a finished print from the selected 3d print material, looking at potential warping, surface quality, support quality, and more. The final part of CRRS Tester form provides answers to general user questions about material characteristics, such as how difficult it is to work with a certain material, what the most influential parameters are in regard to each 3D print material, and much more.

When submitting a visual evaluation and material characteristic test, the three-part CRRS Tester form should be completed once the 3D printed material has cooled down, approximately 15 minutes after the completion of the print job. These section of the CRRS form either provide users with specifically focused 1 to 5 scales or textual areas that help test results become helpful information on 3D printing material.

The technical printing parameters on the other hand, are found in the Tester’s G-Code, which includes information about all settings of 3D printers in regard to the material selection. The G-Code’s automated process makes obtaining this information easy and efficient for the user. By eliminating the risk of mistyping or misunderstanding certain values, the G-Code is one of the most reliable ways to obtain information on how certain 3D printing materials function in various printer models. 

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